Re-float-able Cocktail Table

Signed Limited Edition of 9 + 1 AP, each edition is unique

A strong statement piece, and yet fun and “pop” in its look, the Re-float-able table aims at raising awareness about plastic pollution in the oceans

The buoys are 3D printed from 100% recycled plastic

Surprising in its challenging and defying balance and brightly summery colours, the buoy table seemingly floats off the ground as if it were really immersed in the sea

The steel chain which instead of being hanged from it, serves as the main support to the piece, is welded together as a whole column

The bespoke water effect glass top complete the incredible floating effect

W 1500 mm x D 900 mm x H 400 mm
  • Bespoke Glass, 3D Printed Recycled Plastic, Steel
Pricing starting from $22,300.00 AUD + shipping and taxes.
Re-float-able Cocktail Table
Re-float-able Cocktail Table
Re-float-able Cocktail Table