Our Philosophy

Championing rare talent and celebrating creativity

At Bonham Art and Design, we believe in the profound impact of art and design on our lives. We are passionate advocates for artists and designers, and we dedicate ourselves to championing their unique skills and talents. In a world where creativity often takes a back seat, we celebrate the artisans who bring beauty, innovation, and inspiration to our daily existence.

Art is the soul of humanity. Throughout history, artists and designers have played a pivotal role in shaping culture, provoking thought, and sparking change. Their work has the power to move us, to make us question, to make us dream. We stand by the idea that creativity is a vital force that enriches our lives in countless ways.

Championing rare talents. In a world driven by mass production and automation, the talents of artists and designers have become a precious rarity. We understand the dedication and mastery it takes to create exceptional works of art and design. We honour the artists and designers who have chosen this path and support them in their journey to bring their visions to life.

Fostering a creative community. Our commitment extends beyond admiration for individual artists and designers. We believe in building a vibrant creative community that encourages collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of ideas. We provide a platform for emerging talents to showcase their work, connect with fellow creatives, and find the recognition they deserve.

Jason Bonham

Founder & Creative Director

Jason Bonham, the visionary founder behind Bonham, brings an unparalleled wealth of expertise to a new frontier in gallery environments, underpinned by over two decades of interior design experience, curating significant art and furniture collections across international projects.

His journey is marked by a deep commitment to celebrating the dynamic interplay between art and design, forging connections between international artists and designers to create distinctive and unconventional gallery spaces that have become a beacon of creativity in Australasia.

With over 20 years of dedicated experience, Jason has honed his ability to transform spaces into captivating works of art. His keen eye for detail, innate understanding of spatial aesthetics, and an unwavering dedication to excellence have earned him a reputation as a stalwart in the industry.

Jason's vision is driven by his passion for artisanal beauty and to foster a sense of community within the world of contemporary culture. His extensive international experience allows him to curate collections that transcend borders, bringing together artists and designers from around the globe to craft innovative and immersive experiences.

Beyond his role as a founder, Jason's interiors expertise shines through in Bonham's mission. The platform offers clients and collectors globally sourced artisanal furniture, lifestyle objects, and art, all curated with a meticulous eye for aesthetics and functionality.

Jason Bonham's legacy is defined not only by his entrepreneurial spirit but also by his profound dedication to nurturing world-class talent. He continues to support both established and emerging artists and designers, ensuring that Bonham remains a dynamic force at the forefront of art, design, and contemporary culture in Australasia.