Pratt Armoire

The Pratt Armoire is designed and finished by hand in the Morgan Clayhall Toronto studio.

The artwork is created by artist, Murray Duncan. Abstract in nature using forms, colours, textures, and gesture marks to achieve the effect. All is a contained movement with-in the border of the doors. 

A mixing of traditional means with more experimental design. The cabinet is one of kind with an original hand painted artwork on the doors.

Customisation available, please enquire.

W 1219 mm x D 457 mm x H 2133 mm
  • Solid Wood, Mix Media, Resin, Steel
  • Gloss resin
Base dimensions H 609mm and body H 1524mm

Customisation available, please enquire

All works are made to order

Pricing starting from $32,400.00 AUD + shipping and taxes.
Pratt Armoire
Pratt Armoire
Pratt Armoire
Pratt Armoire
Pratt Armoire