Pilule Petite Clear

This Iconic piece is freehand and mouth blown. The Pilule is inspired by the horizon and the distinct line between land and sky.

The incalmo technique sees the meeting of refined form and complex technique. Two separate colours are grafted together at high heat during the blowing session.

From this complex process comes Pilule with an organic and every moving fusion line.

The warm colors of Pilule ‘Feu’ tell the story of a rising and setting sun.

W 240 mm x D 150 mm x H 320 mm
  • Freehand blown glass, incalmo technique
  • Satin or Polished
Weight = 3kgs

LED 24V - 5W - 2700K

Free hand-blown glass - size, weight and colour will vary due to the hand-made nature of the pieces

Pricing starting from $7,800.00 AUD + shipping and taxes.
Pilule Petite Clear
Pilule Petite Clear
Pilule Petite Clear