Oxy Cliff

The power of change is Corine’s inspiration for this piece.

She uses a technique that stimulates the chemical change oxidation

Corine works with white paint that contains a higher O2 level, this is then mixed with minuscule metal parts, She further enhances the oxidation by controlling the heat and humidity of her work space.

This unique process results in the diverse shades of green. The piece is encased in a brass ring, handmade in Morocco, not only does the painting undergo an oxidation process, the ring does too, changing with the passing of time

‘Oxy Shore’ and ‘Oxy Cliff'’ are part of the ‘Oxy’ series.

Editioned work, please enquire.

  • Wood, brass, natural pigments & resin
  • Hand Painted
Available in multiple sizes by edition
Oxy Cliff
Oxy Cliff