Mono Palette

Colour has power; the power to create a feeling, to tell a story and to evoke a way of thinking, in a sense, colour is a way of communicating.

With the ‘Mono Palette’ van Voorbergen tells the story of her selection ritual. She selected each colour for this installation piece from her pastels collection that she has built up over the years, and translated them into her current art medium.

Each colour has a depth and gradient to it, bringing out the fullness of each colour, elevated by van Voorbergen’s signature usage of handmade brass rings “With this piece I aim to make you almost taste the colours”.

An installation dedicated to colour, inspired by the selection process van Voorbergen went through when she first started painting.

Before her career, van Voorbergen didn’t have many resources to invest in her art, so she often stood in the art supply shop with over 500 handmade pastels before her, carefully overthinking which one she could allow herself to buy for her next art piece.

Limited Edition of 5, please enquire.

W 1650 mm x D x H 1650 mm
  • Messing, aluminium, wood, natural pigments & resin
  • Hand Painted
5 piece installation - Each piece is 300mm in diameter

Pricing starting from $89,240.00 AUD + shipping and taxes.
Mono Palette
Mono Palette
Mono Palette
Mono Palette