Maha Side Table

Limited Edition of 9 + 1 AP

The ‘Maha’, which is a specific type of fossil derived from Madagascar ushers in the fossilia collection through an ensemble of three side tables made from the ancient material

The irregular edges have been maintained so as to retain the integrity of the wood and minimise human interference

As a naturally elegant material with concentric rings, similar to modern day trees, the side tables each reflect their origin from a single tree, through a series of colourful, jewel-like concentric rings

As a lustrous piece, the collection resembles finely buffed marble atop five polished solid brass legs

The natural irregular edges of the log are adapted to the 5 solid brass legs. Each with a different diameter and height, the Maha tables are unique witnesses of their time

Dia 500 mm x H 500 mm
  • Fossilised Wood and Solid Brass
Maha Side Table
Maha Side Table
Maha Side Table
Maha Side Table