Lunae Onyx

Signed, Open Edition, each edition is unique

One beautiful day, according to myth, Cupid, among the clouds in Olympus, decides to secretly cut his sleeping mother’s (Venus) nails, while she is sleeping with the tip of an arrow

The three Parcas decide to transform the nails into precious stones as they could not allow any part of Venus’ devine body to be lost or destroyed : these stones became onyx

Lunæ is born from the union of this legendary stone and mirror, in a symbol linked to Venus as well as being a symbol of beauty and femininity

According to its Latin etymology the name refers to the radiance of our white satellite which brightens the night sky and its reflected light

The moon is seen as a mirror of the sun, or as in this case, a reflection of light

W 550 mm x D 120 mm x H 1800 mm
  • Brass, Solid Rainbow Onyx, Green and Pink Tinted Mirror
Lunae Onyx
Lunae Onyx
Lunae Onyx
Lunae Onyx