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Larsen Dining Table

Larsen Dining Table

Signed Limited Edition of 9 + 1 AP, each edition is unique

The ice table “Larsen” is inspired by Antarctica’s ice shelf Larsen C and built in solid alabaster blocks and cast resin. The Glacies collection design aims to raise awareness about global warming and rising sea levels which are leading to the melting of the ice caps

The whole process takes place in the Volterra laboratories and some of these steps are artistically directed by FMM Studio

The shape of the table represents the minimum extension that the Antarctic ice reaches during the summer season and symbolises the inexhaustible melting of the ice shelves of the south pole (such as Larsen A, B and C, the most famous)

The top is made of solid alabaster and cast resin. The legs are hand finished in solid steel


W 2100 mm x H 750 mm x D 1400 mm


  • Alabaster, Cast Resin and Steel

Lead Time

Lead Time: 8 Weeks
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