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Glacies Coffee Table

Glacies Coffee Table

Signed Limited Edition of 9 + 1 AP, each edition is unique

The Arctic landscape has changed dramatically as a result of global warming. Ice is disappearing. Hence the inspiration for the Glacies table, presented during Venice Design Biennial 2021

The “Glacies” table in white alabaster, organically blends with the bespoke glass top, whose shape resembles that of Antarctica’s ice extension

Representing an iceberg floating on the sea surface, the Glacies table is also a statement piece denouncing the current climate crisis

The base is sculpted from a 160 kg block of raw alabaster, entirely handmade by masters in Volterra. The initial choice of the alabaster block is fundamental

Pure and transparent quality alabaster is needed. The veins are naturally present in the rock and give it its characteristic appearance. The stone is emptied by hand in order to house the light


W 1600 mm x H 600 mm x D 1200 mm


  • Alabaster, Bespoke Tinted Water Glass, and LED

Lead Time

Lead Time: 8 Weeks
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