Fiery Small Orange

Edition 1/8

Eelco Hilgersom is a Dutch artist with a fascination for structures created by nature

Structures that together form a whole and can be found in abundance inspires him enormously - This is what drives him to create abstract works based on these natural forms and organisms

In all of his work, Eelco is looking for contrasts in form, colour or material - “My goal is to touch the observers and take them into the work through these contrasts and complexity of the piece.” - To achieve this goal he uses different techniques and materials

The brighter the colour, the better the message gets across

In this body of work, different structures and colours of the organisms are mixed and depicted in an abstract way

The organic shapes and the reflective surface create a new kind of creature that wants to show all its beauty and emotion

W 310 mm x D x H 430 mm
  • PC Lenses, XPS Foam, and Wood
Pricing starting from $5,500.00 AUD + shipping and taxes.
Fiery Small Orange