Ethereal Embrace

Emotion stands front and centre in these pieces. A monochromatic colour scheme is often used with varied textures to evoke a strong emotion or trigger a thought process within the viewer.

The translucent quality of the resin allowed Corine to infuse the artwork with an otherworldly allure, drawing viewers into a captivating dance of colors that seem to emit a gentle, radiant glow.

As light cascades through the medium, it unveils hidden depths and casts a shimmer, transforming the piece into a mesmerizing spectacle that evolves with every viewing angle.

Editioned work, please enquire.

  • Wood, brass, natural pigments, glass & resin
  • Hand Painted
Available in multiple sizes by edition

Pricing starting from $5,440.00 AUD + shipping and taxes.
Ethereal Embrace
Ethereal Embrace
Ethereal Embrace