Empreinte Dining Chair

This armless dining chair is part of the Empreinte collection imagined around the theme of destruction and reconstruction

The patinated bronze legs were made from broken, fractured and burned wooden planks to form the strong decorative elements of the furniture as cast in bronze

Realising the feat of creating a chair in fine and light bronze, Jean-Luc Le Mounier does not forget comfort and aesthetics

Always with the wish to work the material in its smallest details, Jean-Luc Le Mounier has encompassed an unbleached structured fabric allowing him to highlight the shades of black of burnt wood

All JLLM pieces are made to order (please enquire)

W 470 mm x D 490 mm x H 900 mm
  • Patinated Bronze and Velvet Upholstery
Empreinte Dining Chair
Empreinte Dining Chair