Echo Green

Assisted by the Rijksmuseum, Van Voorbergen was able to transform a scan of one of Ruysch’s paintings to a digital algorithm that would transform the 2D painting to a 3D design that could be implemented in a computercontrolled CNC milling machine which carved the texture from wood.

With color pigments from the original painting, Van Voorbergen communicates with Ruysch’s work while translating them to the minimalistic, monochrome, and circular shaped objects.

The intensity of the color initiated by the depth of the carvings, the structured wooden panel is submerged in a monochrome pigmented epoxy.

Van Voorbergen wanted to give the submergence of these machine-made landscapes
a sense of eternalization.

Editioned work, please enquire.

  • Brass, wood, pigments & resin
  • Hand Painted
A ramifi cation of the installation is the availability of the centre piece of the installation (1200mm) which will be available in all thirteen colors used in the installation

Unique pieces
Echo Green
Echo Green