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Cortex Coffee Table

Cortex Coffee Table

Signed, Open Edition, each edition is unique

Cortex is a coffee table made in alabaster either white or amber in colour with solid polished brass or polished steel legs. There is a hard contrast between the hand-finished solid brass legs and the organic smoothly polished and mineral rough look of the rock crust

With sleek hand-finished solid brass legs, the cortex coffee table has retained the uneven edges that are characteristic uncut alabaster, a reminder of its historical and effortlessly chic state

The stark contrast between its edges and its legs give rise to a unique balance and pay tribute to a marriage between that which is ancient and modern sleek design


W 800 mm x H 400 mm x D 600 mm


  • Amber or Alabaster and Solid Brass

Lead Time

Lead Time: 4 Weeks
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