Carved Velo

Carved all over texture for an organic feel juxtaposed against the seamless form. Instinctively carved with each edition being unique in pattern and appearance.

The chair can be commissioned in various timbers and finishes, please contact the studio for further info.

‘The bicycle is an object in which the user can feel a seamless relationship to and subsequently the road. This relationship between body and object is echoed in bicycle design with tubes flowing seamlessly into one another, constantly changing shape, to improve function and aesthetic.’

‘The Velo Chair is a response to modern bicycle design with its components seamlessly wrapping around the user, constantly changing form for comfort and then blending into the next component, leaving the user feeling at one with the chair.’

W 560 mm x D 590 mm x H 710 mm
  • Solid Wood
  • Carved
FSC sustainably sourced Ash has been used to make this piece
Carved Velo
Carved Velo
Carved Velo
Carved Velo