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Signed Limited Edition of 9 + 1 AP, each edition is unique

Designed to resemble drifting Banquise ice blocks, their name refers to the Larsen Ice shelf, a long ice shelf in the northwest part of the Weddell Sea, extending along the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. The tables are made of alabaster with acrylic legs

The a-68, once a single iceberg spanning 6 thousand square kilometers broke away in 2017 and has since disintegrated into a drifting collage of independent blocks, each gradually disappearing as ocean temperatures rise

The a-68 piece is essentially a collection of three tables providing a representation of the now scattered pieces of what was once the single iceberg. Each piece has been designed from the white alabaster coming from Volterra

The handmade legs in acrylic are a hint to stalactites originating from the melting iceberg blocks


W 1600 mm x H 450 mm x D 1200 mm


  • Alabaster and Acrylic

Lead Time

Lead Time: 8 Weeks
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