#50 Art Wall Sconce

Michael Rex (Hooker) is a multi-dimensional artist whose recent exploration into creating Wire Sculptures has resulted in a series of dramatic pieces that tease the imagination along many paths

These pieces show an evolution in his range from the pure simplicity of wire forms in classical shapes to the more complex ‘forms within forms’ that suggest a deeper inspiration

The shapes are biomorphic, derived from all types of life forms

Each changes as the light and air strike them; when lit at night and casting shadows on the walls around them the effect is magical

Michael’s pieces are created by hand , mostly with 20 gage wire looped in continuous forms

Some are executed in annealed wire and others are in insulated copper to preserve the colour of the wire.

Michael has also created copper pieces in uninsulated wire that can be hung out of doors and will develop the greenish-blue patina seen on older copper pieces

These pieces are truly incredible and a must for any art collection

Dia 406 mm x D 203 mm
  • Black steel
  • Hand woven in black patina steel
Commissions available by request.

Pricing starting from $4,600.00 AUD + shipping and taxes.