Toño Barreiro

For over two decades, Toño Barreiro’s practice has revolved around a cross-disciplinary approach, encompassing photography, painting, sculpture, and digital processes. Throughout Toño’s journey, he has consistently explored the boundaries of the pictorial medium, incorporating sculptural elements and breaking free from the traditional confines of painting. This exploration has become a fundamental aspect of his work.

As we entered the new century, a remarkable shift took place, giving rise to a range of innovative methodologies and creative processes. This transformation is reflected in Toño’s paintings, which can be sinuous and synesthetic at times, while also exhibiting geometric and organic qualities. At the core of his practice lies the interplay between line and plane, embracing the concepts of deconstruction, symbiosis, and the fundamental principles of biological processes. The canvas becomes a site for overlapping colour fields, as well as a space for folding and manipulating the surface itself.

Through Toño’s art, he strives to push the boundaries of traditional artistic conventions and engage viewers in a thought-provoking and immersive experience. Each piece embodies a visual narrative that invites contemplation, exploration, and a deeper understanding of the complexities within the world of art.