Three One Four Studio

Three One Four studio was born from the symbiotic relationship between Furniture and Product Designer, Alexander Webb, and manufacturing specialist, Neil Walker of Penta Pattern & Model. This collaboration grew from their mutual passion for pushing the boundaries of design, traditional craft and state-of-the-art production.

Brought up in my father’s antique restoration and wood carving workshop, surrounded by beautiful furniture and artwork. Started making furniture from an early age, left school at 17 and started designing and producing pieces for the high-end interior market. Experience across digital and physical techniques and blend them to create each piece. Manufacturing background with an artist’s eye, producing for many named brands and artists. Started Three One Four Studio in 2020. 20 years’ experience. 

Influences include ancient Greek design, Regency, fine art, and architecture. Pushing material properties to limits, and rethinking how you view form, function and medium. 314 (triangle, circle, square) is a take on my initials, ACW, which I use to sign my work; showing how all my designs start with three basic shapes and are reworked and repurposed in multiple ways.

Each piece is unique and handmade, and while the items in the collection are signed Artist’s Editions, each design can be fully customised and commissioned to suit the needs of the client.