Thoryn Ziemba

Crafting Art from Urban Echoes and Natural Whispers

Inspiration often emerges from the tapestry of our past, and for this artist, it's a journey back to a childhood raised by back-to-the-land hippies. Those idyllic, wild years are etched vividly in their memory, and they seek to recapture that essence by working with the molten, lava-like raw materials of glass.

However, urban life also left an indelible mark. The graffiti and street art that surrounded them in the city spoke to the innate human drive to create and left a lasting impression. Graffiti artists, in particular, explored the space between creation and interpretation, a concept that became central to this artist's work.

As an artist, their mission is twofold: to challenge the viewer's perspective through their creations and to bridge the gap between seemingly contrasting elements – raw nature and urban style. Each viewer brings a unique life experience to their encounter with the artwork, and by presenting form in a non-representational, non-abstract manner, the artist invites viewers to assign their own meanings. Instead of offering predefined symbols, they pose questions that arise from the very elements themselves.

Their technique involves blending architectural references with the vibrant energy of graffiti, forging a connection that mirrors the essence of humanity. Through their work, they challenge us to explore the intricate interplay between our urban surroundings and the natural world, encouraging us to question, discover, and redefine our perspectives.