Samuelle Green

Samuelle Green’s work has always been multidisciplinary, but the subject has long focused on nature’s interaction with the human made word. It is strongly based on the idea that there is structure and detail inherent in nature which we often borrow from and take for granted.

She has always been interested in the details we pass by every day and often do not give a second thought to: a beehive, a bird’s nest, a spider’s web. This in combination with her long time interest in construction and design combine to create large scale, labor intensive installations.

Samuelle’s immersive installations envelop the viewer and appeal to multiple senses. Rather than producing simple re-creations of nature, the materials and process are often in the foreground and open to interpretation by the viewer.

Everyday items, especially paper combine with glue and a wire armature to turn typically rectilinear structures into other worldly environments. These studies in biomimicry are sometimes met with human made objects to create a sense of both growth and decay and order and chaos. Her installations and sculptures achieve a unique visual language that is always being further developed.