Randolph & Hein

The Intersection of Tradition and Contemporary Design

Randolph & Hein, a company rooted in an enduring commitment to crafting the highest quality handmade furniture, embodies the essence of old-world artistry in every piece it creates. Established in 1971, Randolph & Hein Inc. has evolved from crafting faithful antique reproductions to commissioning and manufacturing contemporary masterpieces, which have become timeless classics.

In 1978, Randolph & Hein Textiles introduced its inaugural silk fabric collection, growing to encompass a stunning array of textiles preferred by renowned designers worldwide for upscale residential and hospitality projects.

Randolph & Hein Furniture unwaveringly employs the finest materials and construction methods, from premium hardwoods to bespoke finishes. Offering a range of upholstered furniture, seating, case goods, and accents, their dedication to exquisite craftsmanship endures.

The Urban Group offers contemporary and transitional designs, while the Traditional Collection includes antique reproductions and pieces suited for relaxed living spaces. The John Dickinson Collection features iconic designs exclusively created for Randolph & Hein by the legendary designer.