Newell Design

Innovative Craftsmanship for Enduring Elegance

The California-based studio, led by principals Jeff and Beth Newell, boasts a rich legacy of over two decades dedicated to crafting exquisite modern furniture. What began as a creative outlet driven by a passion for art, design, nature, fashion, and beauty has evolved into a timeless collection that blends contemporary and future design sensibilities.

Their work is a tribute to the inherent beauty of natural materials, from the opulence of bronze to the warmth of fine woods and the allure of selenite. The studio's mission is to infuse the world with meticulously crafted pieces designed to endure the test of time and elevate the environments they grace.

With a clientele that spans the globe, including both esteemed AD100 interior design firms and emerging talents, the Newells have garnered trust from those who continually choose their designs to adorn clients' homes. Their work is emblematic of a modern yet serene and sophisticated era.

Nestled in the heart of bustling Orange County, California, the studio operates with a dedicated team of artisans, designers, and local craftsmen who contribute significantly to the realization of their visionary designs. Together, they embrace the future of design, uniting innovation with enduring elegance.