John Pomp

Crafting Organic Marvels Through Design

John Pomp is an artisan manufacturer driven by design, dedicated to crafting abstracted organic works of furniture and lighting. His creations are born from a deep reverence for elemental materials in transitional states and an awe-inspiring fascination with natural phenomena that seem almost otherworldly. By expertly merging molten glass, contorted metal, and refracted light, John Pomp conjures imaginative and organic forms that captivate the senses.

Guided by the visionary leadership of designer, artist, and glassblower John Pomp and his partner Anne, a team of over 50 creatives passionately collaborate to bring each piece from concept to completion in their in-house studio. Embracing a sculptural and experimental approach to design, their work evolves through a non-linear process, navigating abstract glass studies, organic form generation, and process discovery. With this fluid methodology, a designed process is created that goes beyond mere product creation. 

Every masterpiece is meticulously crafted from scratch within their expansive 65,000 sqft Philadelphia studio, employing a harmonious blend of modern techniques and time-honoured craftsmanship. The result is a collection that exudes contemporary innovation and timeless artistry.

Rooted in a lineage of craftsmanship, John's artistic journey began under the influence of his father, a skilled carpenter. During his studies at Columbus College of Art and Design, he hesitantly enrolled in a glassblowing class at the urging of his high school art teacher, mentor, and lifelong friend. In a defining moment, he realized that glassblowing was his lifelong calling, evoking the same creative energy and flow states he experienced while skateboarding and action painting. This profound passion for molten glass and indomitable love for the transformative power of fire have propelled him to spend over three decades mastering the art of glassblowing.

Since 1999, John has cultivated his multi-disciplinary studio, assembling a talented crew of over fifty creatives who collaborate with him to bring his lighting, furniture, and sculptural objects to life. More recently, his exploration of surfing has revealed a newfound love for the ocean, which has come full circle, reigniting his connection to that initial encounter with molten glass. Inspired by the fluidity of both fire and water, he crafts bodies of work that find their place in the universe, as well as within his own artistic journey.

John Pomp's creations embody the harmonious fusion of organic beauty and meticulous design. Each piece tells a captivating story, resonating with the everlasting allure of craftsmanship and the awe-inspiring forces of nature.