John Liston

Crafting Excellence in Furniture and Design

J Liston Design, a design and fabrication studio, is dedicated to the creation of exquisite furniture and art. John, an alumnus of the Rochester Institute of Technology, brings over 15 years of expertise from the realms of custom glass and metal foundries to his San Francisco studio, which he established in 2012.

Drawing inspiration from architecture, industrial structures, and the natural world, John's designs reflect a fusion of skills acquired from jewelry crafting, metalsmithing, foundry work, and glass casting.

Functionality is paramount in John's creations, and each piece is conceived with a commitment to clean, uncluttered forms. Crafted entirely by John in San Francisco, his designs exemplify a minimalist aesthetic that marries beauty and utility.

At J Liston Design, excellence is not just a goal but a standard. Discover the impeccable fusion of art and craftsmanship in John's creations, where form and function harmonize seamlessly.