Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert (born in 1980 in Paris, where he lives and works) is a French-American artist whose artistic practice revolves around the captivating medium of glass. With over two decades of experience in freehand glassblowing, he transforms raw matter into exquisite expressions. His artworks, characterized by minimalism and sculptural forms, engage with contemporary aesthetics and the interplay of natural light. Rooted in a profound artistic exploration, Wintrebert draws inspiration from the fundamental principles of creativity and the universe, infusing his pieces with a symbolic narrative that illuminates the cosmic story.

Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert trained in glassblowing techniques through a cosmopolitan apprenticeship between the United States and Europe from 1998 to 2007 before settling in Paris, France. He alternates between activities in workshops, residencies, and conferences. In 2015, Wintrebert established his own atelier within the Viaduc des Arts, an esteemed enclave nestled in the historic heart of Paris known for its dedication to artisanal excellence. This expansive workshop, spanning over 500 square meters and staffed by a dedicated team of approximately twenty individuals, serves as the birthplace for Wintrebert’s awe-inspiring creations. Every piece he produces is meticulously hand-blown, showcasing a harmonious blend of passion, creativity, craftsmanship, and collaborative spirit. Within this dynamic environment, knowledge transmission assumes a paramount role, ensuring the perpetuation of artistic traditions.

Drawing from his childhood in Africa, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert taps into his memories to blow figurative African-inspired works that gradually evolve into a form of externalization, describing his environment through a more abstract aesthetic.

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