Jan Waterston

Jan Waterston, a skilled craftsman and designer, established his studio in 2017 with a vision to explore the intersection of art, craft, and design. Rooted in traditional woodworking methods, his work is characterized by its ability to disrupt spaces while retaining conceptual depth. 

Driven by a deep respect for wood as a material, Jan combines traditional techniques with contemporary processes to create pieces that resonate with authenticity. His practice, honed through formal education at Rycotewood Furniture School and a residency at The Sylva Wood Foundation, emphasizes a patient and sensitive approach to woodworking. Each piece embodies a sense of individuality inspired by the natural world, balancing refined obscurities with familiar forms to evoke a delicate harmony.

Jan's furniture serves as the tangible essence of a space, inviting individuals to form meaningful connections with their surroundings. Through a nuanced balance of visual softness, graphic intrigue, and physical functionality, his work instills a sense of hesitation and intrigue, encouraging instinctive exploration. 

Jan offers a range of speculative works, commissioned pieces, and furniture collections from his UK-based studio, each meticulously crafted to order. Collaborating internationally, he has partnered with architects, interior designers, curators, and private collectors to bring his unique vision to life.