Master of Metal and Furniture Design

Christopher Gentner, armed with a BFA in metalsmithing from the Cleveland Institute of Art and guided by apprenticeships under sculptors and jewelers, swiftly earned a national reputation as a preeminent figure in metal fabrication and furniture design. Among his notable accomplishments is the meticulous re-creation and fabrication of the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House gates.

These exceptional experiences serve as the bedrock of his design philosophy, which he passionately applies to his own line of furniture, lighting, and objects.

Rooted in the language of sculpture, characterized by defining details, and underpinned by world-renowned craftsmanship, Christopher Gentner's work resides at the intersection of design and art.

Founded in 2011, his eponymous furniture label embodies a rare fusion of artistic ingenuity and mastery of craft, resulting in furniture and objects that are not just expressive and formal but also transcend the boundaries of materiality.

Gentner's collection primarily centers on metal, ingeniously integrating natural materials such as leather, wood, and glass in unconventional ways, challenging our preconceptions. Explore Christopher Gentner's world, where metal meets artistry, and where each piece redefines the boundaries of design.

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