Eric Gushee

Sculpting the Boundless

Eric Gushee, a Chicago-based artist born and raised in New York City, embarked on his artistic journey at Marlboro College. While initially studying creative writing, his artistic destiny took a transformative turn in an inspiring art installation class. This experience ignited his love for sculpture, leading to an academic pursuit that saw him graduate with the highest honours

Eric's academic journey continued at The Art Institute of Chicago, where he earned his BFA in 2010. Shortly after graduation, he found himself crafting high-end bronze furniture at a local foundry called West Supply. Notably, Holly Hunt, founder and CEO of Holly Hunt Design, was among the clientele who recognized the animate quality of Eric's work. Impressed by his distinctive style, Hunt's team commissioned him to create pieces for their interior showrooms.

This opportunity marked the pivotal moment when Eric transitioned from a practising artist to a full-time creative. His work is celebrated for its unique interplay between two and three dimensions, where the shadows cast by his sculptures often influence his drawings and vice versa. Eric's art champions the intrinsic beauty of materials, resulting in a captivating fusion of the unfamiliar and familiar.

Influenced by his extensive collection of doilies and lace, his art is often described as "organic," referencing traditional fibre techniques. His pieces showcase intertwining brass wires, stainless steel strands, and even aircraft cable, held together with delicate aluminium crimps. He also repurposes leftover materials to craft captivating forms, blurring the lines between sculpture and painting.

Eric's art celebrates the physicality of materiality, constantly pushing boundaries and testing limitations to create new forms. His creations are a testament to the endless possibilities offered by the world's artistic vocabulary.