Bridge + Fog

A Dynamic Duo of Design Innovators

In the heart of the Los Angeles Harbour in San Pedro, California, a husband-and-wife team with backgrounds in Architecture and Design is crafting a concrete revolution. With a lifelong passion for design and a dedication to their craft, their journey has led them from architectural detailing and interior planning to the cutting-edge world of modern concrete furniture.

With over 15 years of experience under their belt, their expertise has evolved into a commitment to creating innovative concrete pieces that redefine the boundaries of design. Proudly American-made and firmly rooted in the local community, they take great pride in sourcing materials domestically and handcrafting every piece in their studio.

Unlike many "concrete" products on the market, their creations are made with real concrete, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They never settle for cheap resins to mimic the look of concrete – authenticity is their hallmark.

But their innovation doesn't stop there. With a dash of sand, cement, and gravel, a spritz of water, and a pinch of their secret ingredients, they've transformed an ancient, dense substance into something modern and timeless. Obsessed with pushing the boundaries of concrete, they've developed a patent-pending formula that makes their pieces ultra-lightweight – just a third of the weight of conventional concrete, yet even stronger.

As design aficionados, they invite you to explore their latest collection of concrete tables and stay tuned for new concepts, including consoles and more. With passion and dedication as their guiding principles, this dynamic duo is reshaping the world of concrete design, one innovative piece at a time.