Art + Loom

Captivating Artistry and Versatile Design

Samantha Gallacher, a graduate of The New York School of Interior Design, is a dynamic artist with a discerning eye for aesthetics; finding inspiration in art, nature, and fashion. She kickstarted her career alongside renowned designers in New York, including Glenn Gissler, Bob Kaner, and Kureck and Jones. Samantha's quest for innovative ideas led her to venture into product and textile design, leaving a lasting mark on companies like West Elm, Max Home, and Raj Overseas. Her work has garnered accolades, gracing the pages of esteemed publications such as British Vogue, The New York Times Style Section, and Architectural Digest, among others.

Alongside her iconic Art+Loom rug collection, Samantha is also the co-owner of IG Workshop, an esteemed interior design firm highly sought-after in Miami. She has made notable contributions to prestigious Decorator Show Houses, including Casa Cor, Holiday House New York, and Kips Bay, while also leaving her creative footprint on international projects spanning Canada, England, and South America.

Samantha's collaborations with prominent furniture designers, interior designers, and artists have resulted in the creation of exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces. Her diverse portfolio encompasses commercial and residential spaces, spanning interior design, home textiles, and fashion. Samantha Gallacher stands out as one of Miami's most versatile artists and designers, harnessing her extensive knowledge of colour and textiles to craft bespoke rugs under her Art+Loom brand. These rugs are not just mere floor coverings; they are genuine works of art that seamlessly elevate any space they grace.

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