Brent Warr

Evoking Emotion through Functional Artistry

Brent Warr is a functional artist who creates pieces that evoke emotion, allowing viewers to reach a more imaginative part of themselves. Warr designs and produces collectible furniture, lighting, and sculptural art by incorporating the mediums of plaster, epoxy, wood, and paint. 

From his studio in Bainbridge, GA, U.S.A. Warr begins with abstract drawings, which he transforms into functional and sculptural forms. Building every piece by hand, Warr applies a complex mixture of plaster, pulp, and epoxy to his designs in layers, then meticulously sculpts and sands them to achieve objects of beauty. Working in a variety of mediums, he pushes the limits of material and craftsmanship; his pieces are described as bold, with visual depth but restraint. 

As a child, his parents nurtured his creative ability by immersing him in nature and exposing him to antique furniture and art. This passion continued through his education and into his early career. He graduated from the College of Architecture, Design, and Construction at Auburn University and then went to work for esteemed firms Meyer Davis Studio and Yabu Pushelberg in New York City. These experiences honed his eye for design and exposed him to global collective design. 

He launched his inaugural Woodfin Collection at IFCC in 2021, and it quickly gained recognition in the high-end design community; his works have been featured in esteemed publications, including Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, and Interior Design Magazine. His current body of work includes one-of-a-kind pieces, limited edition pieces, as well as a collection that can be ordered as production pieces and is highly customizable.