Agrippa, a Spanish company founded in 2008 in Valencia, the cradle of design in Spain; believes that the value of furniture extends far beyond its price tag. How can one assign a monetary value to a sunrise's beauty or a smile's warmth?

Agrippa was founded with a singular vision - to create designs that would satisfy the most discerning tastes worldwide. Since then, they have been expanding their presence to the finest selected points of sale across the globe.

Agrippa’s designs are meticulously crafted by skilled hands, embodying the essence of true craftsmanship. Their artisans' invaluable heritage of experience and passion is cherished and nurtured, ensuring the preservation and promotion of their artisanal expertise.

Each piece of furniture is conceived with heartfelt intention. Striving to go beyond mere geometry, delving into the realm of emotions and sensory experiences. There is an indescribable alchemy that takes place within us when we behold and touch certain objects. Agrippa designs are meant to be seen, touched, and above all, felt.

Agrippa’s clients share a remarkable characteristic—they are individuals who are not just highly accomplished professionals or possessors of extraordinary taste. Above all, they are individuals who are addicted to beauty, drawn to its captivating allure and transformative power.