Harmonizing Artistic Vision and Industrial Expertise

ATRA is not just a design studio; it's a convergence of artistic vision and industrial expertise; the brainchild of Swedish-born brothers Alexander and Andreas Diaz Andersson. 

Their team comprises multidisciplinary artists, designers, and architects whose collaborative spirit fuels their ventures and drives their creative vision. At the core of the ATRA aesthetic lie three fundamental principles: unpretentious beauty, practicality, and timelessness.

The philosophy that underpins ATRA's creations ensures that each piece embodies the craftsmanship of an objet d'art while seamlessly integrating into living spaces, providing both comfort and meeting the demands of everyday life. ATRA believes that true artistry lies in the delicate balance between exceptional design and practical usability.

In their Mexico City studio, their dynamic team of artists, designers, and architects collaborate closely with skilled metalworkers, upholsterers, and woodworkers. This fusion of talents infuses the traditional handicrafts of Mexico with the brothers' Scandinavian background; crafting objects that not only captivate the eye but actively engage with the environments they inhabit.

With an unwavering commitment to unpretentious beauty, practicality, and timeless design, ATRA consistently pushes the boundaries of artistic expression within the realm of functional art. Together, their work has garnered significant attention, especially following a successful installation at Design Miami. 

Embark on an extraordinary journey with ATRA as they redefine the relationship between art and design, transforming spaces with their masterfully created works.